Summer fun and shopping!

Summer fun and shopping!

Howdy ladies,

School is out and it is bittersweet!  My Savanna will be starting 3rd grade next year, meaning she will change schools.  We have been so Blessed to live in Benton County, TN...the special ed programs here are AMAZING and so are the people that make up the teaching staff and assistants! 

Now that I've finished my tangent, on to the real agenda - shopping!  Summer is great because there are two markets we attend: June apparel for Back-to-School and early fall goodies then July Gift market for all our Christmas stocking stuffers, teacher's gifts, special items for your besties, husband, wife, daughter :-) I know I don't tell you enough how much I appreciate you shopping with us and telling your friends about us, especially when you're looking cute in your Sunshine getup! On that note, we would LOVE to get your input from styles that inspire you!

You can message us with pictures or colors or cuts that you love and we'll keep that in mind when we are shopping for you at market!  

Thank you for inspiring me to be better!

Lots of smiles,


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