The Ultimate Gift Guide: Tis the Season to be Merry & Bright

The Ultimate Gift Guide: Tis the Season to be Merry & Bright

Ultimate Gift Guide: Tis the Season to be Merry and Bright

When buying a gift, it is more important for the thought behind it than the price. Who cares if you found a gift at Nordstrom or a thrift store? What matters is that you thought enough about that person to get them something to make them feel special. Lately, my favorite gifts to give are things that I make! It is not only fun, but it’s a little piece of love too.

Clothes: If you really know a person, clothes can be so fun to shop for! Picking out a sweater you know they will love to be snuggled up in, or a dress that they can wear to work is so fun! However, it can be stressful! If you shop at a local store, like we all should, ask the workers what they think. Believe me, workers know more than you think! Always have the receipt just to be safe! When in doubt, a giftcard is always fun! That way they can get something they will, for sure, love. 

Home Goodies: Everyone needs something for their home! When in doubt, this is perfect. A decorative pillow, plate, or blanket is always a need. It is fun to get something for their front door or patio too! You can never go wrong with a painted window or a fun wreath. If you ask around, I'm sure someone local can make this for you! Gifts aren’t always about the best surprise or the most thought, but sometimes it is best to get someone something that the need! 

Boys: Boys can be tricky. Once they are out of the toy or video game phase, it can be hard to think of what to get them. One year, we were so stumped on what to get my brother, so he ended up with sweaters... so many sweaters that now he gives us ideas. A wallet is a good gift! It is something that men usually never think about getting a new one of, and something they will always need! Another cute idea is an engraved money clip. You would be surprised at how many guys like bracelets. Now, I am not talking about bangles and sparkles, but a leather bracelet with coordinates to a special location is oh so sweet and thoughtful! You know you can never go wrong with funky boxers and socks either.

Parents: Parents always “don't want anything," but that is even more of a reason to get them something! Cigars, stuff for a grill, or a family picture are all great ideas for Dads! Something homemade, something decorative for the house, or a thoughtful piece of jewelry is great for Moms.

Girlfriends: Boys, or Mommas buying for their boys, know that girlfriends can be hard to shop for. Here is a secret, girlfriends do not want flowers or candy! They want something thoughtful, and from the heart! A cute little dainty necklace with your initial is so cute! Getting a little picture frame with a throwback picture of the two of you is sweet too! This year our girls are CRAZY over the comfy cord or vintage fleece pullovers! They are oversized so you can't go wrong.  Shopping for a loved one will be easy peasy if you listen. They will tell you little things that they want like a pair of shoes they have been eyeing, or a certain cardigan. When in doubt, ask the workers at a little boutique what they will want, and add a crafty picture frame with a sweet card. BAM! The perfect gift.

 Little Goodies: It is always fun to gather a little basket of goodies to put together. Grab a cute little headband, car coasters, little bottles of lotion, fuzzy socks, a key chain, and TaDa! You have the perfect little basket. The possibilities are endless! If someone doesn’t really need or want anything, this is a fabulous idea to make a little bundle of goods.

Gift Cards: Some people do not like to give gift cards because there is not much thought put into it; however, at least it is a gift that allows you to know they can get something they want! You can always add a little gift with it like a bracelet, keychain, fuzzy socks, or pair of earrings!

Dirty Santa: For those of you that hate thinking of a Dirty Santa Gift, here is your guide! Corkcicles are a fabulous gift! They are unisex, and everyone can use a water bottle or a coffee mug. And don't forget about Natual Life, they have the cutest things...steering wheel covers, bandeaus, car charms, scrunchies and more that will be fabulous to pair as a gift set!

 Clueless: For the Clueless Giver, think about the person’s profession that you’re shopping for. Teachers love notebooks, planners, totes, sharpies, and pens! Business men/women might need a business card holder, a candle or picture frame for their desk, or a laptop case. Nurses love t-shirts with nurse sayings, boho bandeau headbands, and Corkcicles. A deliver man would love a car air freshener or car coasters! A baker or cook would love oven mitts.

Appreciation Gifts: People that do a lot for you out of love deserve a little appreciate gift sometimes! A teacher, neighbor, boss, coworker, or even a friend who constantly goes out of their way, or just has a special place in your heart might be in need of an appreciation gift. It can be as little as surprising them with a donut and a coffee, or as big as your heart wants to go! A bracelet set, coffee mug filled with their favorite chocolates, or a t-shirt from their favorite sports team are all great gifts!

 All in all, Christmas is not about gifts! It is about love! A card, a text, and a hug are all things that are so overlooked but so appreciated! Don’t over think a gift. Use your resources to get something from the heart, or just let them know how much you love them. Do NOT go broke trying to out do someone! That defeats the entire purpose of giving! At the end of the day, do not forget what Christmas is all about: love & Jesus!



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