The Rules of Fashion: fashion 101

The Rules of Fashion: fashion 101

Let’s face it.

Fashion is always on your mind. Every girl thinks about what they are going to wear- to school, to work, to go out, or just to leave the house in general. If you're like me, you go to bed thinking about what you are going to wear the next day. If not, you are struggling in the morning, running late, trying to put together something cute. While you're shopping you think about what is in style, where you are going to wear a new piece, and if you need it.

Here are some Fashion Rules to help you be the trendiest you that you can be! The first and most important rule of fashion: THERE ARE NO RULES!

That’s right. None. Zero. Nada. Zip. If you like it, wear it. If it makes you feel cute, pretty, and confident, then it is all the style of fashion you will ever need. I mean, who would have made "The Rules of Fashion?" Is it in the Bible? Who declared silly rules that make you feel self conscious about your outfits? No one.


Print on Print is a no go. FALSE! We love a good print on print! We recently got in snakeskin bell bottoms, and our favorite top to go with it is a black polka-dot top! It is literally one of my favorite outfits right now! Not to mention stripes and polka-dots are a cute mixed print as well!

Floral and Plaid

Stripes and Plaid

Black and White Prints with a Colored Print

Small Prints paired with a Large Print

I mean, the list goes on and on!


 White after Labor Day is a huge no no! Said who? This is a rule all of our parents and grandparents follow, and tell us to put up all our white pants, white shorts, and white shoes until Easter. Well, I hate to break it to y’all, but white boots and booties are alllll the rage this year- not to mention that in the south, it is hot until November; therefore, girls need all the options they can get. All in all, sisters, keep out your white bottoms and shorts. You will need them.

Fun Fact, the white "rule" came into place because back in the day when members from the Navy came home in their white uniforms after Labor Day, it was a respect thing. However, nowadays, the members come home in whatever they want. Some come home in uniforms, but some also come home in jeans and a t-shirt. 

.It is all about modernization

Black & Brown

Black and brown together does not match nor look cute. Um, has anyone heard of cheetah print? Incase you haven’t noticed; animal print is all the rage right now. Cheetah print is my, personal, favorite; cheetah is black and brown. Khaki is brown, right? Everyone loves a cute pair of khakis with a black top to dress up a look.

Black & Navy

Blavy. The same thing goes for black and navy! A navy top with black work pants is an empowering outfit for a woman in the office! Try it out! I promise it will be life changing!


That’s not brand new or name brand. I don’t want it.” Are you crazy? If you find something that is cute, who cares if it is Gucci or Goodwill. The younger generations are getting so caught up in brands and being “cool”. In reality, brands are so over rated! Wouldn’t you rather have a cute belt from a boutique or a thrift store that is different than an over priced belt that has a logo on it that everyone owns?


This is not my size! Try it on anyway! Right now, oversized and cropped is in style. You never know! One of my go-to outfits is an oversized white t-shirt and jeans that I usually get in the curvy department. Oversized cardigans are super trendy right now too; not to mention perfect to bundle up in!

Bra Showing

“I can see your bra straps!” GOOD! Bralettes are everything right now. A little peek of lace from your bralette straps is SO CUTE- not to mention comfy! Back in the day, it was sleazy to have your bra showing. Now, it is cute! Even if you wear a white top with a black or colored bralette, it is cute to have it show through your top! It is NOT distasteful! It is cute!


Sparkles are only for evenings and holidays. WrongSparkles are for every day and for every occasion!

Brunch- Sparkles. Lunch- Sparkles. Work- Sparkles Movie Date- Sparkles.

Sparkles are a girl’s best friend. They deserve to be worn every chance you can get!

Socks & Open Toe Shoes

Hobos wear socks and sandals. Hobos and people who wear what they want wear socks and sandals. Okay, I will admit, this is not for everyone, and frowned upon by most-BUT WHO CARES! A comfy outfit consisting of: an oversized sweatshirt, leggings, socks, and sandals are cute! Even wearing a little heal and a shear sock with a ruffle hem is cute! ROCK it girlies!

Tall Girls & Heels

Tall girls cannot wear wear heels. That’s a lie. Girls, if you are tall, what does that have to do with the kind of shoes you rock? If you got the height, ROCK it like a model, baby!

Short Girls & Long Dresses

It’s too long-you cannot get it. Said who? Haven’t you heard of a seamstress? Every girl needs to have the hookup with a good seamstress! A size small is not made for everyone who wears a size small. Everyone’s body is different and a seamstress will help you mend clothes to your body!

The Rules of Jewelry

Less is more! NEVER! You cannot mix gold and silver! Lies Don’t get me wrong, I love a good piece of dainty jewelry! However, layering is too cute and trendy! I love a good set of bangles with multiple layered necklaces! Whoever said that you cannot mix jewelry colors is crazy! Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold are so cute together- it adds some edge to your outfit! When it comes to Do's and Don’ts, the truth is that there are absolutely zero rules of fashion! It is how you hold yourself in what you are wearing. If you are wearing a crazy outfit, but standing tall with pride and confidence, then it is going to be the NEWEST trend!

Style cannot be learned. It cannot happen over night. Style is something that you create, and no two styles are going to be the same. It is something that over time you create piece by piece in your wardrobe. Your style can shift and change overtime, and that is fine! It is called, "Out with the Old, and In with the New," because we all change overtime! At the end of day, it is fun to take inspirations from other people's styles to make it your own. That is what fashion truly is! However, never ever change your style or be afraid to wear something in order to fit in, or blend in. Be who you are, and express that with your clothes. At the end of the day, Life is too Short to Wear Boring Clothes.







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