I Fell in Love with Dennis the Menace!

I Fell in Love with Dennis the Menace!

Hi ladies, I've been working late in the store tonight taking pictures of new arrivals for the website.  I thought I'd share some funny stories with you about my crazy, hard-working, tear up an anvil with a hammer, husband :-)  

I noticed a few things when we started dating...for instance, he was driving a sprayer behind the tractor and it was WIDE!  Too wide for the gate he was going through...so here I am behind him honking the horn like a crazy woman, waving my arms in the air and hollering trying to get his attention, then I see him looking behind him...He is looking at part of the fence that has attached to the sprayer arms because he was too WIDE to fit through there...does he stop?!  NOOO...he keeps driving and looking back until that 30' section of fence springs out almost straight - no big deal, there were only cows in that pasture :-0

Another funny was the time he wanted to have a garden.  He goes to his grandmother's house to get the tiller. Now I'm no tiller expert but when he brought out this thing, I thought to myself, there's no way this is going to tear up any ground.  But I watched and waited.  He brings out a can of igniter fluid and sprays it in the carburetor - Red Flag number one!  He rigs up a string to start it because the pull rope was rotten - Red Flag number two!  He took a piece of haystring and tied it to the gas because the lever was broken and he couldn't adjust the speed - Do you see a pattern here? lol But it was all worth it when me and my soon to be Mother-n-Law got to stand and watch him creep along beside the tiller, holding the choke, spraying the igniter and pulling the gas with the hay string.  Have you ever dug a hole with your toenails?!? That would have been faster...We laughed til we cried but he NEVER GAVE UP!  He was bound and determined more than ever to get those few rows done with that "came across on the mayflower" tiller.  

Bless this man I love!  Stay tuned because I have SO MANY MORE stories to share :-) 

You ladies enjoy our new arrivals for fall and holler at us any time you have questions.  Lots of smiles, Amy

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