...Happily Ever After.....

...Happily Ever After.....

It is the season of love.  Wedding season is fast approaching, everyone is carefully watching what they eat, hitting the gym, and looking for that perfect dress to wear...myself included. Sooo since I will be the mother of the groom next month I will start with myself. I've decided to go with a floor length flowy dress. Yes, floor length is back! While the fitted sheath dress is always a winner, the floor length brings a casual elegance to any woman's figure. You can accentuate your individual waist line and the flowy bottom hides all the rest, while keeping it classy. When it comes to color neutrals (beige, taupe, pewter, gray) are always safe, unless the bride already has a color in mind for you. Shaws are perfect for that spring wedding, when you want to wear sleeveless but you know as night comes, it's going to be chilly.

Now for the bridesmaids....the voguish bridesmaid dresses are all slightly different with some similarities, even different colors, long or short.  They are not the standard "stay in your closet never to be worn again" dress anymore. More casual yet elegant dresses are very popular right now. 

As a guest to a wedding, an a-line dress can be worn by most women.  Sheath dresses are also a winner for a day or an evening wedding. Neutrals, jewel tones, and rich colors, even black are great colors for any wedding. My rule of thumb....if you wouldn't wear it to church then more than likely its NOT appropriate for a wedding. 

Hope this helps you find the perfect dress for you wedding. 

Peace, Love, and Happiness Always, 


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